Care Instructions


General Guidelines: Utilize a stain remover and pre-soak item if stained. If ironing is necessary, use the lowest setting in order to remove the wrinkles or creases. Turn item inside-out, prior to ironing, to help prevent the images/graphics from smearing or melting. Some items will shrink and bleed. This is normal and should be expected, especially with items made of cotton fabric.

1) Doo Rags, Sweat Bands, Head Bands, Wave Caps and Headwraps: Hand wash in mild detergent. Lightly ring out water. Shake out wrinkles. Let the item air dry on a clothing line, shower bar, towel rack, etc. being careful that there is no rust, dirt or debris on drying item. Iron as needed.

2) Baseball Caps and Hats: Hand wash in mild detergent. Shake out excess water. Best if air dried on a cap rack, cap shaper or hat cage. NEVER put caps or hats in a dryer. Iron as needed.

Tidbit Tips: 1. A non-painted bowl, large coffee container, rounded plastic canister and even your noggin (head) may be used to dry cap or hat on. Just be sure that bowl, can or canister is not larger than item to prevent stretching. 2. Protect item by spraying dry hat with an item such as ScotchGard or Hat Saver, which is a sweat and water repellent.    

How To Iron a Baseball Cap: Generally, it forms to the shape of your head as you wear it. To speed up the process, here is what you can do. a) For Cotton or Polyester caps, roll up a towel and stuff it into the crown of the hat to hold the shape, and then steam iron over the wrinkles on a medium setting. b) For Trucker Mesh Back or Air Mesh caps, wet the cap and then blow dry the inside on a low heat setting.

3) T-Shirts: For most cotton and cotton-blend shirts, you may machine wash. The rule of thumb is to wash whites in warmer water and colors in cold water. However, it should be noted that most detergents will clean better with warmer water being utilized. Hotter water can cause shrinkage and bleeding. Use a quality fabric softener to help lessen wrinkles. Put in dryer and use Permanent Press function for best results. You may air dry as well. Iron as needed.

Tidbit Tips: 1: Wash shirts with similar colors. 2. Use vinegar instead of a commercial fabric softener. It acts as a natural way to keep fabric from becoming stiff. 3. To help restore the brightness of White shirts, use White Brite or Mrs. Stewart's Bluing.

Inexpensive Stain Removers: Utilize a toothbrush or other soft bristle brush and work in a a small amount of Shampoo, White Vinegar, Ammonia, Washing Detergent or Dawn Dish Soap. You can also wet the fabric to make a paste with Baking Soda, Borax, Aspirin, Toothpaste or Meat Tenderizer. Then apply that to the stained areas.

Be sure to test items on an inconspicuous place on the clothing. 

Note: These care instructions are only suggestions. We are not responsible for any damage or injuries sustained while following the above guidelines. Use caution and proceed at your own risk.