International and Overseas Purchases

Hello. To place an international order, you will need to use a freight forwarding company like: Parcl, Shipito, Shippn, Stackry, Ship7, PostScanMail, Boxinus, ViaBox or MyUS. They will provide you with a U.S. address to use when shopping with with our store or other U.S. shops.

Once you are assigned this address, you simply checkout with us as normal and use the shipping address they have provided to you. We then ship your order to that address and that is where our liability ends.

The freight forwarding company that you chose will then become solely responsible for getting your shipment to the carrier/postal service that will send your order to your home address.

These companies tend to be very skilled at navigating international shipments and filling out custom forms. Their expertise can help prevent issues that typically arise when shipping from the U.S. to overseas. Thus, it can create faster and smoother progress through your country's Customs Department so you can enjoy your order sooner!

Copy and paste this link to get a better idea of what a freight forwarder does: