Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Yes.  https://returns.aftership.com/www.buycapsandhats.com

Q: Can I send a gift message with my order?

A: Yes. There is a place to leave a message when you place your order. We will typically type shorter messages on the bottom of the shipping label. Longer messages will generally be placed on a label and put inside of the package. The message is copied and pasted just as the customer provides it.

Q: When should I receive my order?

A: All orders are shipped via USPS. Standard orders are generally shipped 1-4 business days after we receive the order. Customers will generally receive their orders in 2 to 5 business days after the order has shipped. Expedited shipments are shipped 1-3 business days after we receive the order and are processed before other orders. Customers will generally receive their orders in 2 to 5 business days after the order has shipped. We will utilize either First Class or Priority mail for all orders. For Expedited shipping, there are times when it will take the same amount of shipping for First Class or Priority Mail. We do not issue refunds in such cases as the Priority orders are processed and handled before other orders. Our zip code is 39566 if you would like to verify USPS ship times for your location. 

Q: Who do I contact about a billing questions?

A: Go to the "Contact Us" link to send us an email.

Q: What type of packaging will my order be shipped in?

A: For most of our orders, we ship merchandise in poly-plastic mailing envelopes to protect them from rain and other damage. They also easily fit into most mail boxes. Cardboard boxes are bulky and used with large orders or in special circumstances.

Q: Are your items made in the U.S.?

A: Each year, we are adding more American made items to our inventory. We purchase items from suppliers which are located in the U.S. They often import from other countries but have operations in America. More and more of our imported caps are proudly designed and embroidered in the U.S.A. We hope to soon offer in-house embroidery services. 

Q: Where are you located?

A: Proudly in the United States, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Q: Do you offer Next Day or Express delivery?

A: No, as we have found it be very unreliable and many times, delivery is no faster than Priority/Expedited shipping.

Q: Why was I charged a restock fee when I returned my order?

A: The restock fee covers the expense we incur to inspect the return, issue a refund through our payment authorizer, process the item back into our inventory system and to actually stock the item back on to our shelves. 

Q: Do you customize merchandise?

A: Not at this time, although we plan to in the near future.

Q: Do you provide discounts?

A: Sometimes, contact us for details.