US ARMY Dorag Doo Rag, Bandana Head Wrap with Sweatband, Made in America, Motorcycle Skull Cap

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U.S. Army Head Wrap Cap, White, with Soft Sweatband for Soldiers, family and friends. Made in America, Cotton fabric. One size fits many, but runs on the larger side. Unisex design for adult men or women. Caps also referred to as: cyclists cap, headwrap, durag, helmet liner, bandana hair wrap, biker skull cap. 

  • Flap to help protect neck from sun and helmet burn. 
  • Lightweight enough to fit under many motorcycle and football helmets.
  • Ties in the back to help provide a secure fit.

OTHER USES: Military, Restaurants, Cooks, Chefs, Sports and Athletic Events, Sleeping Cap, Motorcycle Bikers, Chemotherapy Hair Loss, Natural Balding, Exercising, Hold CPAP Device in place during, Sweatband, Fashion Headwear, School Team Spirit, Holidays, Sport Fans, Hair Net, Dusting, Cleaning, Costume, Running, Beach, Fun, POW MIA, Camping, Motorcycle or Convertible Riding, Swimming, Track, Surfing, Walking, Bad Hair Day, Reunion, Party, Hair Care, Sun Protection, Birthdays, Fun, Fashion Hair Wrap, Tailgating, Vacationing, Halloween, Medical, Beauty.

Food Service Workers, Armed Forces Personnel- Active Duty or Retired, Painters, Cancer Patients and Survivors, Bikers, Truckers, Athletes, Carpenters, Sports Trainer, Surfers, Workout Instructors, Brick Masons, Workers, Gardeners, Landscapers, Roofers, Framers, Men, Doctors, Surgeons, Hunters, Fishermen, Janitors, Rappers, Musicians, Campers, Outdoorsmen, Laborer, Teams, Dancers, Travelers, Workers, Crews, Groups, Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Adults, Women, Teens, Football, Volleyball, and Soccer Players.

The US ARMY Dorag Doo Rag, Bandana Head Wrap with Sweatband, Made in America, Motorcycle Skull Cap is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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