Dog Bones Nursing Scrub Hat Scrubs Cap Bouffant for Long Hair, Cotton, Black with Rainbow Colors

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Bones Scrub Hat for long hair, ponytails, permed hair, dread locks, afros, thick curly locks, braids, mohawks and other hair styles that do not fit under classic scrubs cap.

Made in America, USA. Cotton fabric, machine washable

  • PERFECT GIFT for healthcare professionals and staff such as a nurse, doctor, surgeon, cardiologists, veterinarian, operating - emergency room techs, OR, ER, Xray, MRI tech, research lab and clinical technicians
  • COMFORTABLE sewn-in front SWEATBAND absorbs sweat and head moisture to keep it out of eyes while you work
  • ADJUSTABLE for a one size fit for men and women is best suited for those with longer hair and locks. Ties in the back
  • DURABLE double stitching and quality construction
Other uses: sleeping cap, hair net, thinning and balding hair, includes sweat band for: working out, gym, yoga, running, walking, hiking, cycling, bike riding, paint ball, sun protection at the beach or while traveling and on vacation, to cover head while hair is in rollers, conceal a bad hair day while shopping

Can also be used by: chefs, cooks, daycare, childcare workers, artists, janitors, maids, construction personnel, painters, roofers, landscapers, gardeners, warehouse workers, distribution center employees, hospital patients or for those who experience hair loss due to chemo and radiation treatments

Tie a ribbon or band around the back for a tidy, cute and fashionable appearance with the sides more tapered and up out of the way

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